Monday, 28 February 2011

New showreel

Got a new showreel up and running that I would like to share :) As always, feedback is welcome :)


L ROSSI said...

Aha so here is reel V.2! Sorry I missed out on your CG post before. Reel's looking all gravy :) Loving the baseball throw most I think - you should move that forward towards the start.

Just on the CG shot, and considering it's the first attempt and all, you've done very well! I agree with Geoff that eventually you'll want to get a bit meatier than 2 secs, just because we don't have enough time to view it, but obviously this was just a test for you :)
I think the eyes are working well, as are the blinks (nice to see the offset between each lid). I think there's a prob with his eyebrows though - the closest one to camera seems like it is in a 'raised' shape but in a 'frown' position, and is almost digging into the corner of the eye! Easily fixed though :D
The Lip sync works well up until the final word where the mouth doesn't match the dialogue in my opinion - it goes from open to closed over the word 'that' and it should be the other way around - the final shape is also too wide and showing teeth, when I feel from the way the word 'that' is said, it's very lazy, and perhaps it would be more appropriate with just a half open, relaxed mouth...

Lastly the hand movement is very cool and subtle, but from the angle of the camera, a nicer silhouette could be made (at the end of the shot it's cool, with the fingers slightly varied) - perhaps just rotating the wrist joint towards camera would work?
Oh! and just a possible variation - with the head turn, I think it would be cool if his head is slowly turning to the person he's talking to but his eyes are still fixed on his fingers, like they're holding his interest - almost preventing his head from turning - then on the blink, the the head turn finishes up, like the force keeping it on the fingers (the interest) has been cut.

...and breathe....(!)

Man I did not expect to write that much....
Looking forward to the next reel (but wait a while - I need to recover from this comment :)

Magnus Kråvik said...

Hehe.. Thanks for the long (!!) feedback! Really helpful! I will do some adjustments now :) I can really see what you mean about "that", and it is bugging me.. I also liked the idea of having his eyes stuck on his hand. (not to say I don't agree with the rest..)

Thanks again.

graeme brandham, animator. said...

Hey magnus, really nice showreel. Got some cool pieces of animation on ther. I agree, my fave is definately th baseball pitch. It has such a good feeling to it. Its the whippyness. Its like indiana jones throwing a baseball, x10 to the power of awesomeness. Its always tough to decide where to put stuff in a showreel though isnt it. Obviosuly you want to start with a bang and end on a high note.

As for the CG piece. Really nice. Subtle which is good. Its all too easy (atleast for me) to get carried away with animation and make it very extreme. So its good too see you have actually thought about the voice and the acting behind the sound clip. And not gone overboard.

Looking forward to seeing how this showreel progresses over the next year or so. Keep up the good work!