Thursday, 7 April 2011

Nice sketchbook travel video

I found this sketchbook travel animation by Bastien Dubois. I really enjoyed it and thought I would share it. I'm not sure if the purpose of this blog is just to show work you are doing yourself or if it is also for inspirational stuff like this. So if I'm "breaking any rules", let me know :)

Ps. I noticed that people are able to put vimeo clips directly on to their blogs, but I only have the option of putting YouTube links on. Does anyone know why?


Geoff King said...

Hey, yeah your are right. The blog is supposed to your own work but i think its ok if you post something like this with your own work.

About the video, Vimeo videos are added as html codes (embedded code) available by clicking on share in the corner of you vimeo vid. Using the video icon in the new post will only upload via youtube.

rufus blacklock. said...

This short is amazing. very honest and skilfully put together. Its really remarkable.