Monday, 14 February 2011


So, you may have already seen this test of mine but I thought i'd post it here anyway. The Animation Jumble has no regular topics so I thought i'd keep the momentum going. I'm currently working on some CG tests to follow shortly.

I also wanted to share this sequence of images with you! I found it amazing to see how far poses can be pushed 'in real life'. Thought you might enjoy it too!


graeme brandham, animator. said...

Hey, where did you find those poses of the baseball throw. They would have been such good reference at the beginning of the year. :p We had to animate a baseball pitch (see magnus's showreel) . . ah well. :D i would also comment on the facial animation, however i cannot currently view it. Sad times. All the best anyhows

Osamah said...

That face is looking really good. You used any references ?

Geoff King said...

Hey Graeme, I found the baseball pics on Wiki, on the 'animation' page.

And thanks Osamah! I didn't use refences at the time but might have been better if i did. I just drew him from past experiences

Osamah said...

Toonboom or Flash ?

Geoff King said...

Ah its Flash. All my tradional videos in vimeo are Flash but since i've started using TVPaint at work I would recommend it over Flash! I'll put some TVP stuff up here when i can.

Osamah said...

So the love of TVPaint is spreading. Glad to hear that ! I am learning it at the moment. Any good tutorials you came across ?