Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Old man

A blocking pass for a short character test that I'm currently attempting using the Blik rig. The long term idea is to use the same rig to act out various other ages and emotions. I just wanted to share this to get some feedback before I go to far.

The rig below is called Morpheus and the one I originally started the test with.
Unfortunately I had to drop it in favor of Blik due to my 8 year old laptop being a little to feeble to handle him. However I may still try some shorter dialogue or acting shots with him after getting more familiar with Maya again.


Ricky Earl said...

nice stuff! Not sure about the script, but you change the pivot point by pressing INSERT, moving it around, then hitting insert again.

Bjorn-Erik Aschim said...

this is beautiful, cant wait to see it finished