Monday, 19 November 2012

I finished it :)

So here is my contribution to the rowing assignment. After doing my grad film in ToonBoom, I wanted to try to animate the whole thing without linetesting it to challenge me to think more while animating and have more of a purpose with my poses (and no changing after linetesting—what will be, will be).

There are some quite obvious mistakes with the timing and spacing of the oars. It feels a bit like he is rowing in mud or something and then moving super fast back in the air. There is also some ugly mistakes with the arcs of them both right before it goes down into the water and in the water. The hands also goes out of their arcs as he reaches forward.

Oh well, hehe.. it was good fun to do. I want to do more of this in the future, and hopefully the next one will get better :)


Anonymous said...

AIB animation i like the man in the boat it looks like 3d

Magnus Kråvik said...

Thanks, Jenny :)