Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Animation Challenges: 2

Thanks to everyone that took the time to post for our previous set of challenges, its a positive start!
It seems the beginner challenge was the most popular so I have taken the difficultly of these challenges down a notch and focused on some less ambitious challenges.
I hope you all have a chance to join in again this new year and enjoy these new ones.

Beginner: WALK
(the technical challenge)
Whenever we animate a walk it is almost always from a profile view. Animate a character, human or animal, walking toward or away from the camera.
Walks are a vital skill for character animators. It should not be something you lack confidents with so it's always good to practice.

Intermediate: EMOTION CHANGE
(the performance challenge)
Some of the most interesting scenes in film occur due to emotion change. Animate a character changing from one emotion to another. You could choose anything from a close up showing just the face or a broader action with the whole body. Remember to check your animators survival kit, avoid moving directly from one emotion to another. Think about the reasons they are changing their emotion. An unexpected surprise, a slow realisation? 
There is no one way of doing this so have fun and try a couple of variations if you can.

(the acting to audio challenge)
Same as last time. Animate to this short audio clip.
Male character; "Guys.... where are we?"

MP3 is recommend for best quality.

Right click and download here

If you have any questions or technical problems just comment to this post.
Any form of animation is fine.

The next challenges starts 1st April.
... And remember you can still post any animation you have unrelated to the challenges.

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