Monday, 12 November 2012

Rowing through polygons...

First post here! Found time amongst film work to work on this. Feedback really welcome. Looking forward to doing more of these short tests, they really help to keep me on my toes!

Rowing Test Animation from Kat Seale on Vimeo.


Geoff King said...

Wow and CG post! nice post Kat.
It must have been tricky to constrain the oars.
I spotted a few little bits for you...
I first noticed the lack for rowlocks because the oars seem to move around freely and are not fixed to the boat.
The timing of the row looks nice but the head stands out to me. the up and down 'nodding' movement seems quite harsh at times. Its like the head reaches its max value and stops rather than easing in causing a sticking feeling.
It looks like his feet slide in relation to the boat and his seat is static. I think it should be the opposite (might be wrong)
And when he pulls back the final pose, before he moves forward, feels odd. He goes into an opposite curve '(' and his chest sticks out. I think at this point he would have changed back to ')' , as his body slows the weight of the oars that have caught up with him just a little. His torso would still bend this way '(' but i don't think it holds that shape for that long.
And then as he does move forward everything goes forward at the same frame and speed. I just think a little delay on the hands would help.
And another little thing. I noticed the hands stay at the same height when they move back and forth. He lift the weight of the oars out the water just with his wrists. He could have a little more of an oval path for his hands, moving up has he strokes back and down a little when he pushes forward.
Hope you don't mind the big comment. I think you've done a great job especially for maya and that rig.
And this is all my option, i might be wrong on some of it.

Kat Seale said...

Nice! Thanks for the comments Geoff! I thought about adding a rowlock halfway through, I think laziness pushed it to the back of my mind :P

Geoff King said...

whats happened to this video Kat?
did you make it private?