Monday, 11 April 2011

FX stuff

Hey guys, i've uploaded some recent FX animation ive been working on, onto my blog and on vimeo. For some reason it wont let me imbed the videos on this site, which is really strange because other people have. but oh well.


Geoff King said...

Remarkable! I like them all
The fire is an excellent achievement. I know from my struggling how hard it is to make fire! I like the water because it feels a lot more three dimensional than the others. The firework is very nice too. Though ends very quickly, would be nice to see more or maybe loop a few times.

Thanks for posting! Its great to finally see some of your current effects!

Hope to see more :)

Matt Timms said...

Cheers Geoff,

Thanks for the postive comment! I spent a lot of time working with the larger water fx, more for my own benefit. A lot of the other fx are usinga flat style, i just got carried away with the water.

Im gonna post a couple of more things soon, hopefully.

Aurorah said...

The water is bitchin.

Geoff King said...

Hey Matt, I have to animate some fire! I'm going to be using this for reference ;D

Osamah said...

yup, the water is really good. How long does one spend doing a test ?