Thursday, 30 June 2011

Hey guys. So Figured id have a quick bash at this months 11 second club challenge. Would love to know what everyone thinks. 

Its definitely nowhere near as finished as I would like. And there's an awful lot in there that's not particularly good at the moment. Maybe something I can work back into later. I think the main problem is there is just too much going on. Its not very clear. And in animation, clarity is everything. 

I haven't entered it unfortunately. For a couple of reasons. But hey ho. It was a big old learning curve and i look forward to trying another one. Hopefully with a bit more success.


Michael Brady said...

I think you're right in that you think there is too much going on, especially with the hand gestures.

Perhaps the character could be focusing on just one action as he delivers his dialogue, as it sounds like he is ignoring or dismissing the other character. You had the begiins of something when he was checking his fingernails (you know things are bad when someones more interested in cleaning them than paying attention!). You can then focus more on using the head and expressions to hit the accents.

Ricky Earl said...

nice work, there's some great drawings in there :) But yeah, less is more, a few too many gestures I think. I look forward to your next entry!

graeme brandham, animator. said...

he he agreed. Lots to learn, but i look forward to trying the next one. Dumber and dummer quote!! Woop :)