Saturday, 6 October 2012

And I couldn't have done it without the rower...

After doing some action analysis of the Olympics, I had a go at animating an olympic rower.


Geoff King said...

Great! I guessed you might be the first to post :)
I'm doing my own rower right now so i'll comment when I have a bit more knowledge of the mechanics.
Nice to see paper and peg bar :)

Michael Brady said...

Thanks Geoff :)
I think I'll do another rower with more exaggeration or personality, as this is more like an action analysis piece.

Geoff King said...

Hey Michael
I think i might now have something constructive to say :)
As a general 'olymic' style rower I think the rowing machanics work. I would have jumped in a said he needs to pull back slower to show more effort and maybe lean back with his head as he pulls for similar effect, but i think it works well. I guess you were referencing the real thing so i can't really comment on that.
It's good to refence for your next test.

I did noticed the arc of his hands pop up suddenly mid pull. I think arcs in general are the only thing I would really comment on here.

Good job, i look forward to seeing the personality row! :)

The gif at the bottom of this page is quite interesting for everyone doing the rower. though i think it's better to reference a rower on water not a machine.

graeme brandham, animation and visual storytelling said...

Hey, nice looking stuff! Just started looking at some reference so cant comment much. But from a 'havent looked at ref yet' point of view. I agree with geoff. Think there could be a bit of a slow as he is pulling back, then a speed out of that slow as the energy build up gets released and then maybe a cushion at the back again as he balances the oars ready for the next stroke. Just to emphasise the weight of that water resistance on the oars. Otherwise looking awesome!