Sunday, 30 September 2012

Animation Challenges: 1

Here it is! The first of our Animation Jumble challenges has begun.
There will be new challenges every three months. Have a go at all the challenges if you have the time or focus on one particular test to challenge yourself. The idea is to set more unusual and challenging challenges that push you to think and plan more. I deliberately didn't choose simple challenges like ball bounces, yawns and walk cycles for the 'beginner' challenges because I know everyone here has done them many times before.

So here they are;

Beginner: ROWING
(the technical challenge)
Animate a character rowing in profile or any other angle you like. The test can be a loop just like in a walk cycle. This test was chosen for the changes in weight and resistance as the oars come in and out of the water. It is a specific action which should require some research.

Intermediate: HIDE AND SEEK
(the performance challenge)
Animate a character hiding or seeking, or both. Focus on character. Think about why they are hiding or seeking to inject story into the performance.

(the acting to audio challenge)
Animate to this short audio clip. Just like the 11 second club.
Female character; 'You know you're sweet. You really are!'
MP3 is recommend for best quality.

Right click and download here

If you have any questions or technical problems just comment to this post.
Any form of animation is fine.

The next challenges start 1st January.

... And remember you can still post any animation you have unrelated to the challenges.


Magnus Kråvik said...

Very cool :) I'll try to get one of these done!

graeme brandham, animation and visual storytelling said...

Sounds like an interesting set of challenges. Looking forward to trying all 3 tbh

graeme brandham, animation and visual storytelling said...

Hey Geoff, Just a quick query. The audio clip. Would you be able to confirm exactly what she says.
Is it like? "You know they're sweet, the way they are."

Geoff King said...

Ah, good question.
I've edited it into the post.
She says; 'You know you're sweet. You really are!'