Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Welcome to the AIB Animation jumble!

Lets get the ball rolling...

Going back to basics for the opening of the AIB Animation jumble.
note- doesn't always play smoothly on slow computers.


Nubian Greene said...

great idea for blog geoff,loving ur work too,i checked out the face on vimeo..very nice,reminds me of rune bennicke flipbooks a bit.

Bouncing ball is nostalgic haha.

Michael Brady said...

I concur - nice blog idea Mr. King!

Reece said...

Hi Geoff, I'm confused, how does this jumble differ to:

Ben Ho said...

Reece - How I understand it is you can post up any animation you have over here and get feedback and advice on it. There is no topic like the Jumble.
This is looking good Geoff and a fitting way to open up the blog with some founation skills.
Critique wise I reckon there could be more squash n stretch involved. It will depend on what kind of ball it is but judging by the bounces its fairly elastic to my eyes.
Nice idea for the blog! This should be a great help especially for the current students. They should take advantage of this!

L ROSSI said...

I thought it would be topical, like the jumble....and I was like, "no way! As If!"

But I see from Ben's explanation what it's about... and thus I condone it's existence! ;)
Great to have a little community to discuss work.

I would comment on the ball..... but it is what is is! Just to get the ball rolling for this blog.....
I would say, no need for the black BG line though.... the shadow of the ball would tell us where the contact position was :)


rufus blacklock. said...

mmmm, love that new blog smell.

Geoff King said...

Hey All, Thanks for commenting.

Nubian- yes, your spot on, it was directly inspired by his work! I will add it here when more people start posting.

Brady- thanks ;)

Reece- this is solely for animation, ben explains it well as, i hope, does the welcome message on the blog .

Ben- everything you said is correct!;)

Rossi- I agree, no need for the ground line, I could have done it with just a shadow. And I could have refined it but as you say, it is what it is. You can save you critique for later posts ;)

Ruf- I agree with you too!

Hope you all enjoy the blog, and maybe have some recent stuff you can add.

robair said...

Good shout geoff

David Delany said...

Hey Geoff, thanks for the invite - it's always a good idea to have somewhere to get some criticism, and even more so when it's from people who know what they are talking about!

Another idea for a blog: perhaps one for story feedback and criticism? I know it's tricky what with some nefarious people stealing germinating ideas and passing them off as their own, but maybe we can find a way round that? I don't know about everyone else, but having somewhere to bounce ideas around was one of the best things about AIB/AUCB for me.