Friday, 14 January 2011

Super Hands

Finished up the trace on this shot of character animation. It's part of a larger scene, so in the film it will make more sense in context. I have to say hands are really strange things. They are like little characters all in their own right. I've always had trouble, like a lot of artists drawing hands, so I was really excited to approach this particular scene as a challenge.

Hand Trace 02 from rory animates on Vimeo.


Geoff King said...

Hey Aurorah, Your right! Hands are extremely difficult but its great that your challenging yourself, its the classic way to get better! I guess you might already have the Bridgeman book on hands. Understanding the anatomy key.

One thing though! This is clean up. Trace is an old school cell painting term referring to the 'trace' of clean up drawings onto celluloid frames.

Good luck with the film! Whats is the title? so we can look out for it! :)

Aurorah said...

Light Thief is the name of the film. Its about a character who misses nature so he steals the light from the city to put it in the stars. Thanks for the feed back Geoff!

David Delany said...

Hey Aurorah, I remember when I was doing extreme close ups of hands it was a pain, but like everything else once you break down the action into smaller elements it all becomes much more managable.

It's looking good so far, but if you want some constructive criticism, then I would suggest (if it's not too late) to get a little overlapping action in there as all the elements start and end their arcs at the same time and it makes it a little stiff.

Keep up the good work and remember to keep it loose!

Aurorah said...

Thanks for the feed back David. I plan on going back to this shot in the future and refining it a bit more. The more often I look at it the more it feels to mechanical, so you're absolutely right. I'm also planning a very slow out at the end to help with this too, but it will have to wait until I get some other scenes keyed. Thanks for the feed back !