Saturday, 6 April 2013

Animation Challenges: 3

Here are the new challenges for spring 2013!

(the technical challenge)
Referencing is something most animators do not do enough of. We often dive in and presume we know how something should move. Referencing could involve finding an image sequence, video reference or even recording yourself. For this challenge you have the freedom to animate whatever you like as long as it is from something you have referenced. For example, animate a bird flying taking off whilst referencing a video of a bird taking off, preferably frame by frame. I would suggest avoiding rotoscoping because you will learn to see more when you can't just trace the action. All the great animators have done this and still do. It allows you to build a library of convincing actions and principles in your mind that will strengthen every subsiquent piece you animate. Remember, you don't necessarily need to copy every frame. Try to pick out the keys and extremes, and then breakdowns to guide you. Have fun and try something complex or challenging, you may even want to apply this challenge to the others.

(the performance challenge)
A lot of character is found when a character reacts. 'Acting is reacting'. Animate a character reacting to a changing weather condition. For example; it's snowing, it's cold, it starts to rain, the fan stops working during a heat wave. There are many ideas and scenarios to play with.

(the acting to audio challenge)
Same as last tome. Animate to this slightly longer short audio clip.

Female character; ''Hey, I know you.''
Male character; ''Hello. You know me? Cool. I mean, yeah you do. Do you?''

If you have any questions or technical problems just comment to this post.
Any form of animation is fine.

The next challenges starts 1st July.
... And remember you can still post any animation you have unrelated to the challenges.


Geoff King said...

If you want to download a video from youtube or some other similar sites try KeepVid.

Michael Brady said...

Thanks for the new challenges!

Geoff King said...

sorry it was a bit late, I nearly forgot!

Michael Brady said...

You were animating for 30 days straight, you're allowed a week off ;)

Aloke_316 said...

hey i wanted to ask is what is the Deadline of this challenge? and can a person who is not a student or alumni of AIB can participate??

Geoff King said...

Hi Aloke

The 'deadline' is the same as the start date for the next set of challenges but it's ok for someone to post whenever they finish. The AIB Animation Blog is for current students and alumni.