Sunday, 18 December 2011

CG body mechanics

This summer I wanted to see if I would be able to do something that had more movement to it than the lip sync I posted up earlier. For a long time I've been wanting to do something capoeira related as well, and even though I think this sort of a movement would be more fun in hand drawn, it was a good opportunity to challange myself in Maya.

Unfortunately things have been piling up and I haven't been able to finish it yet(I have a hope for the christmas break), but I thought I would post it up here and maybe get some feedback before I finish it up.

Thanks :)


Geoff King said...

Hey Magnus

Looks like this is shaping up to be a nice little maya test.

First impressions; nice shapes and clear silhouettes but even on full screen it feels like the character is too small/ too far from the camera. Could be more interesting if the character comes towards us, maybe at a low angle 3/4. Though that would mean altering the silhouettes to work at that angle.
And as you asked for feedback I would say the way he lands after his backflip feels unnatural to me because as his weight comes down on his foot he moves back the direction he came from instead of continuing his momentum. And when he spins on his head at the end it feels very confined and difficult to read because his elbows are tucked close to his body if you opened his elbows out it would also add more weight to that part.

Hope thats ok
Merry Christmas :)

Magnus Kråvik said...

Ok, great! thanks for the feedback, Geoff. You're comments are always really helpful! I'll try to get it all sorted in the next step. I was trying to have the camera closer, but I kept losing part of the action. I guess that was the idea with the low angle?

Merry christmas to you too :)

Geoff King said...

Yes but not necessarily at a low angle, mainly by rotating the animation about 80degrees so you can get closer. Then he's mostly coming towards or away from us instead of crossing the screen. Maybe too it would be nice if he was zigzagging a little!

Good luck
We all look forward to seeing it when its done :)