Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Quad Reference

Unfortunately hadn't had time to get round to this one quite yet, but I was also planning on getting in on some quadruped action. I'm not particularly confident with quads yet, so I was doing a little research. Thought I'd might share (click the text)...

Interactive 3D dog skeleton

Richard Williams on basic quad movement (video)

101 Dalmations page from Andreas Deja's blog

Muybridge, animals in motion (full thing online)

Tips on drawing and animating quads

Dogs on treadmill (video)


Michael Brady said...

These are some useful links Dom! Thazinnks!

Michael Brady said...


(Lousy captcha windows!)

Geoff King said...

Great collection of links Dom!

I'll make a reference section for the blog.
further reference like this can be labeled with 'Reference'