Monday, 25 March 2013

Everybody falls the first time...

ooops from Dom Elsey on Vimeo.

Hey everyone. Just animating some things outside of grad film stuff. Needs some fixing - so feedback me please!!


Geoff King said...

Hey Dom, this is really nice!
It's quite hard to give clear feedback like this, in a comment but i'll try..
The start is great, very impressive! I like the way he comes to a stop and settles. Apart from having things stop a little cleaner and fixing the odd little part that hangs or sticks, eg the hand after he settles stuck to the same area on screen as the rest of his body moves.
I think the biggest and easiest improvements you could make to this piece is the silhouettes. During the whole section when he looks up at the ledge and steps back his left arm is in front of his body and head. I feel his arms should open up a little, his left arm would create a nicer silhouette to the right of his body. (this would be much easier to explain in drawings) I think just generally checking through for clear silhouettes would be really good.
Also, the anticipation of the jump does not feel strong enough for the jump. I get the cartoon movements you've gone for but I still think you could try 'more' on the pre stretch anticipation and even more on the squash down. I think it would be fun to try getting his head and body as low to the ground as possible before he jumps. It may not work, but it just feels to me that it needs something like that. To make him look like he knows its a long way to jump?
All in all Great work!!! Well worth fixing up some little bits

Dom Elsey said...

Hey Geoff, thanks for all the help!! This is all really clear, don't worry! Yupyup, I'll have a stab at all of this, and post again soonish!